FREEBIE: Tena Sample Kit

FREE Tena Sample Kit

No Credit Card Required | Delivery 1-2 Weeks


Are you caring for an elderly family member? Tena are excellent incontinence products, but the Lifestyle Kit would work for periods too.

Get your FREE Tena Sample Kit:

  1. Register with Tena
  2. Hover over “Special Offers” and select “Request a Free Trial”
  3. Answer the two easy questions: 1. Whom is the trial kit for? 2. What is their gender?
  4. Select your sample kit: Tena Lifestyle kit, Tena Ultimate Protection kit or Underwear kit | Men have only one sample kit to choose from which is a combination of guards and protective underwear
  5. Complete your mailing address | *Hint: Enter “Home” in the “Address Name” or the first box, NOT your first name
  6. Look for your sample kit in 1-2 weeks!

Included in the Lifestyle Kit:

  • 1 Tena Serenity Active Liner
  • 1 Tena Serenity Stylish Ultra Thin Pad with Wings
  • 1 Tena Serenity Active Ultra Thin Pad Regular
  • 1 Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pad Long
  • 1 TENA® Serenity® ACTIVE™ Liner Regular
  • 1 TENA® Serenity® STYLISH™ Ultra Thin Pad with Wings
  • 1 TENA® Serenity® ACTIVE™ Ultra Thin Pad Regular
  • 1 TENA® Serenity® ANYWHERE™ Ultra Thin Pad Long

– See more at:

Ultimate Protection Kit:

  • 1 Tena Serenity Pad Heavy Long
  • 1 Tena Serenity Pad Ultimate
  • 1 Tena Serenity Overnight Pad

Underwear Kit: Tena Women Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbency:

  • 1 Small/Medium
  • 1 Large
  • 1 X-Large


ImageVia: Menomonie Mom


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