DEAL: Prescription Eyeglasses Starting at $11.90 Shipped

DEAL: Prescription Eyeglasses Starting at $11.90 Shipped

Zenni Optical


Prescription eyeglasses can be expensive and who wants to pay that?  It’s not nearly as bad as gasoline, toilet paper, tampons and diapers, but it’s a close runner up so let’s save some money!

Zenni Optical has eyeglasses as low as $6.95 with no coupon necessary! With Standard $4.95 for shipping, that’s $11.90!


Try telling your eye doctor you’d like a pair of prescription eyeglasses including lenses AND frames for less than $12.00 and I bet he laughs at you! At this price, I am having a difficult time justifying not having a pair in black, brown, purple, red, to match this outfit and that one…

Now, if you are eligible for a free pair via insurance, definitely go with that too as you never know what can happen to yours and especially kids’ eyeglasses.  *Money saving tip: How much does your insurance actually cost?  With Zenni, you may consider cancelling or reducing your coverage to apply to as much of your yearly exam as possible.

So, the details:

You DO need to have a valid eye prescription or have seen your doc within the last twelve months.  Your RX was likely provided at your last appointment, but, if not, you may request this free of charge, but usually need to pick it up in person as it may not be disclosed via phone.  In addition, you will likely need to measure your PD or pupillary distance.  Don’t fret, Zenni makes this easy with a printable ruler.  Also, accessories, add on and extras are available like: scratch resistance glass, various frames, etc.  For these or frames not included in the $6.95 price range, add code RED14 for 10% for Valentine’s Day!

Note: I have not received my pair, but have had two known acquaintances order successfully whom are very satisfied and strong advocates for Zenni.

Other prescription eyeglasses deals (FREEBIE):

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