Walgreens General Information

Walgreens General Information


1. Walgreens is a national chain so prices vary.  This means that freebies may not always be free as identified within this or other blogs.

2. Sales prices begin on Sunday unless otherwise marked or identified

3. Their membership or loyalty program is Balance Rewards where you can earn savings or money off towards future purchases when you buy featured items (such as those identified in their weekly sale) or engaging in health behavior. Balance Rewards awards points or Register Rewards (RR) dependent on reward advertised.

Balance Rewards = Points or RR

3a. Points are equivalent to cash off purchases in the following intervals:

10,000 Points: $10.00

18,000 Points: $20.00

30,000 Points: $35.00

40,000 Points: $50.00

If you choose to use them, notify your cashier. If you do not use them for the present transaction or if you do not have enough points for a reward, the value will be printed on the bottom of the receipt.

3a. You cannot use and earn points for the same transaction, points expire after three years or six months of inactivity and 40,000 points or $50.00 is the maximum amount which may be applied per transaction.

3b. Signing up is FREE and points can be registered via:

Usage in any form qualifies as activity [in regards to 3a].

  3c. Other ways to earn points include:

Prescriptions: 500 Points (1,500 for 90 day prescriptions) | Auto-refills are available

Immunizations: 500 Points

Per Mile Walked or Run: 20 Points | Via: Steps with Balance Rewards

Daily Weight Log: 20 Points | Via: Steps with Balance Rewards

3d. RR are printed at the register and are earned for buying specific items (see 3b for how to “register” your points). You can use them on your next purchase to  buy anything you would like except for the following items: alcohol, lottery tickets, dairy, tax, tobacco, stamps, or gift cards.  These will appear as manufacturer coupons on your next purchases’ receipt.

3e. RR usually last two weeks, but sometimes for a shorter time period. Make sure you pay attention to the expiration date on the RR

3f. RR do not roll. That means that if you earn $2.00 in RR for buying a certain deodorant, you cannot use that $2.00 to purchase that same deodorant again and receive $2.00 more in RR

3g. If your RR does not print, double check that you bought the correct product. If you did, you have three options:

  • Notify your cashier and have the manager check your order
  • Return your items immediately, but do not forget to ask for your coupons back and be courteous
  • Call the Catalina company at 888.322.3814 and provide them with the requested information from your receipt. They will mail the RR to you which takes approximately 6-8 weeks to get them

4. You may only use as many manufacturer coupons and RR as you have items. For example: If you buy 4 items, you cannot use more than 4 manufacturer coupons, or a combination of 4 RR and manufacturer coupons | Walgreens Coupon Policy

5. Walgreens store coupons are not included in the above offer.  Therefore, one store coupon will apply to as many applicable items as you are purchasing within management’s discretion. | See Example Below:

Example: Two Almay product were purchased with a manufacturers coupon $5/2 ($5.00 off when you buy two) in addition to utilizing a $2/1 Walgreens store coupon. The latter store coupon applied towards both like items so only one of these coupons was required as listed in “line items” two and four.


Furthermore, if the manufacturers coupon had been $5/1, two manufacturers coupons would have been needed–one per each item.

Thanks, Couponing to be Debt Free, for your contributions

–Last Updated 01.2014–


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