Selling to Twice | Part 1

Selling to Twice

Twice | | May include Affiliate Links


I have already gotten a FREE $30.00 credit (including shipping!) towards name-brand items at Twice or, but am eager to make money by selling clothing I no longer wear.  Bonus: This will make room for new stuff too!

So, I’m giving it a shot as your guinea pig to navigate the positive and negative aspects of selling to Twice.


  • Twice buys the following name brands: American Eagle, Hollister, Anthropologie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, Hurley, etc. See all the brands they buy here.
  • Twice pays shipping via a pre-paid label
  • You choose how you want to be paid either via: Paypal, store credit or a paper check
  • Store credit offers receive a bonus 25%
  • Offers are valid for 14 days
  • If your items are rejected and donated, you can obtain a donation receipt by emailing
  • Handbags should be available shortly as they are buying these items


  • Twice does not buy the following brands which I like: Victoria’s Secret, H&M and Target
  • Offers are as a whole so you cannot reject the price for one individual item and accept it for another
  • Not all items are accepted due to marketability, wear or defects (i.e. stains)
  • Rejected items are donated or can be returned to you for $5.00 applicable towards shipping

What I’m Selling:

My total should be approximately $9.00-$32.00 assuming that I do not opt for store credit with an additional 25% bonus.  Personally, there is a direct relationship between the amount they offer and my willingness to accept store credit.

  • (3) American Eagle Sweaters: Blue/Gray, Pink and White: $1.00-$4.00 each or $3.00-$12.00


photo(19) photo(16)

  • Hollister Maroon Polo: $.50-$2.00


  • Hollister Green Tank Top: $.50-$2.00


  • Hollister Sweater: $1.00-$2.00


  • Express Black Jacket: $1.00-$4.00


  • Express Pink and Gray Sweater: $1.00-$5.00


  • Express Dusty Brown Dress: $2.00-$5.00


Look for a post soon regarding what they accepted, how much they got and if I felt the process was worthwhile or, If you’re an eager beaver and interested in selling your stuff right meow, here you go:

The Process:

  1. Request a FREE bag or print a pre-paid label which you will receive in 1-2 weeks
  2. Research the expected value of your items via the “What do I get for…” about half-way down the screen
  3. Enclose your clean, name-brand items and identify the quantity on the identification card. There is NO limit to how many items you can send!
  4. Snap a picture or write down the tracking number so you know when the items have been received
  5. Once received and evaluated, you will receive an email notification.  Following the instructions, log in to your account to view the offer details and accept or decline.

Do you have more questions?  Comment or visit the FAQs

If you missed the FREE $30.00 credit to Twice (including shipping!), find it here


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