Need More Coupons from

Need More Coupons from


Have you reached your limit on  Here are some easy ways to get some more of those great high-value coupons:

  1. Hit the Back Button | After your coupons print, hit the back button on your internet browser to print them again
  2. Change your Zip Code | Click on the Local tab (right hand side). See that balloon looking pin and the five digits? That’s your zip code.  I recommend changing it to 77477. *Hint: They always have better deals anyway so this is my default zip code. OR, if the Local tab didn’t work, click on the logo (left hand side) and see the same balloon pin to change your zip accordingly. | See below
  3. Use a Different Computer
  4. Borrow a Friends’ Computer | Make sure they are okay with you downloading the software to enable communication with the printer.
  5. Download the App: You can print directly via a wi-fi enabled printer or email the coupons to whichever email you choose | For App Store and Google Play



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