Selling to Twice | Part 2

Selling to Twice

Twice | | May include Affiliate Links


I sent in my nine items to to test the waters and possibly earn some money from my old clothes.  You may recall that I have already been issued a FREE $30.00 credit (including shipping!) towards name-brand items at Twice, did not have to pay for shipping and that my estimated total was between $9.00-$32.00, assuming that all items were accepted.

My offer came in at $6.50.

ImageFour out of my nine items were accepted including:

    • Express Dusty Brown Dress: $2.00-$5.00


      • Express Pink and Gray Sweater: $1.00-$5.00


    • American Eagle Blue/Gray Sweater: $1.00-$4.00


    • Hollister Sweater: $1.00-$2.00

Notice that the per item amount is not listed and that I was almost paid the bare minimum ($5.00) for all of these items; something to be expected.  My goal was to make $10.00, but my recommendation is that it IS worth it to sell to Twice given that you are selling:

  • Dresses, preferrably
  • No tank tops; resale appears to be a tough market
  • More trendy items versus staples.  Basic sweaters and polos did not appear to fare well whereas the unique was more desirable.

I accepted my offer via Pay Pal and–bonus–got my offer immediately!  The store credit would have been 25% more, but an extra $1.62 seemed like a joke to me.

In the future, I may consider sending only ONE item at a time.  This is not the most economical, but in this manner I can review each offer individually.  On the downside, it would require paying $5.00 for only ONE item back, not all of them in the unfortunate circumstance of a rejected offer.  Furthermore, I will likely exercise the pre-paid label more frequently for singular or small order items as the provided bag is quite large.

For your own offer, start sending your clothes!

The Process:

  1. Request a FREE bag or print a pre-paid label which you will receive in 1-2 weeks
  2. Research the expected value of your items via the “What do I get for…” about half-way down the screen
  3. Enclose your clean, name-brand items and identify the quantity on the identification card. There is NO limit to how many items you can send!
  4. Snap a picture or write down the tracking number so you know when the items have been received
  5. Once received and evaluated, you will receive an email notification.  Following the instructions, log in to your account to view the offer details and accept or decline.
  6. If your offer is declined and you do not want to $5.00 for your items to be returned, send an email to to request your donation receipt [and if you’re ever in the San Francisco area, check out their Goodwill! It must be a killer spot!]

Review the Pros and Cons of Twice in greater detail, get a second look at what I sent or begin with getting your credit


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