Smart Phone Rebate: Checkout51

Smart Phone Rebate: Checkout51


Checkout51 is a smart phone app like Ibotta and Shopmium and, like Shopmium, you can purchase the item from any retailer store that carries the applicable product.  Furthermore, the selection is typically greater than that of Shopmium and you do not need to scan or take a photo of the product’s barcode.  Similar to Ibotta, however, you do have to reach a limit before you can be reimbursed.  With Checkout51, the minimum amount is $20.00 and you will be issued a check and the offers vary dependent upon previous offers you have redeemed and luck as in the instance of randomized offers.  For an example of random offers, see Possible FREE Fiber One Fruit Snacks at Walmart (March 2014).

How it Works:

  1. Download the App | iTunes App Store and Google Play Store
  2. Check out the available offers
  3. Purchase that product from any retailer
  4. Upload your receipt and receive your reward
  5. Be reimbursed when you reach $20.00 via check

Additional information

Shopmium | Ibotta


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