Smart Phone Rebate: Ibotta

Smart Phone Rebate: Ibotta


Ibotta is a smart phone rebate app like Checkout51 and Shopmium, but, like Checkout51, you are only eligible for a payout or to be reimbursed once you have reached $5.00.  This payout can be via Paypal, Venmo or as giftcards to various retailers.  Occasionally, the giftcards can be reimbursed with as little as a $2.00 balance.  Unlike the others, however, Ibotta can only be utilized at specific retailers including: Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Pick N save, Hy-Vee, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Military Commissary, Piggy Wiggly Midwest, Whole Foods, Costco, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

How it Works:

  1. Download the App | iTunes App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Review products and unlock offers | May include reading about the product, viewing an informational video or commercial advertisement, sharing the company via Facebook, etc.
  3. Buy product | Scan the barcode at the store to verify it matches the offer
  4. Earn by scanning the barcode and taking a picture of the receipt
  5. Redeem via Paypal, Venmo or giftcards when you reach, on average, $5.00 excluding any gift card options

Additional information

Shopmium | Checkout51


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