Smart Phone Rebate: Shopmium

Smart Phone Rebate: Shopmium


Shopmium is a smart phone rebate app but, unlike Ibotta and Checkout51, it does not require a minimum payout and pays you directly via Paypal so you get paid right away!  Furthermore, like Checkout51, Shopmium is valid with any retailer.  On the other hand, Shopmium is not always stated as a dollar amount, but occasionally the reward is identified as a percentage of the total you paid (with a maximum retail amount specified) and has a more limited selection.

How it Works:

  1. Download the App | iTunes App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Check out and discover the available products
  3. Buy these products | Hint: Scan the barcode at the store to confirm you’re buying the correct product
  4. To receive your reward, scan the barcode and take a picture of the receipt
  5. Get reimbursed via Paypal whenever you have an available balance

 Additional information

Ibotta | Checkout51


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