Volunteerism is the original Random Act of Kindness although not entirely random. One in four Americans volunteered last year (25.4%) contributing 7.9 billion hours for many different non-profit organizations like food pantries, religious affiliations, homeless shelters, etc. How great is that?!

On the other hand, volunteerism has decreased 1.1%, with the top reasons against cited as:

  • Time: Read “commitments” and the frustration when you solely are responsible for everything because volunteer A-Y bailed
  • Money: Between gas to haul materials for set-up, postage for donations and thank-you notes, snacks for target audience and volunteers, and funds actually spent at the event, finances can be daunting
  • Parenting Responsibilities: Small children, adorable as they are, are notorious for their energy suction capabilities and monitoring necessity
  • Qualifications: If volunteers are interested in offering their time, a primary concern is how they can help or, more specifically, what tasks they will be completing

Benefits of Volunteerism So, what? Valid question. Aside from the estimated $175 billion benefit, there are individual benefits too including:

  • Increased Happiness: Being “very happy” rose 7% among monthly volunteers and 12% for those who volunteer every two to four weeks
  • Social Health: Meet new people and increase social and relationship skills
  • Mental and Physical Well-Being: Improve self-confidence, combat depression and reduce risk of heart disease
  • Employment: Provide career experience and enjoy a 27% greater chance of employment


  • Role Model: Encourage and motivate others especially when you volunteer as a family and children have the opportunity to witness the benefits
  • Having Fun!

Become a Volunteer To get started, check out: Local Opportunities:

Local Organizations:


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 –August 2014–


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